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What happened to the music?

The world is facing a massive change in the way it buys and listens to music. In a few years the CD will be as obsolete as the cassette tape and soon your music collection will be as big as you want it to be – and you’ll want, no need, it to be available at the tip of your fingers.

This is the age of the iPod™ and digital music.

Because of this step-change occurring in the way that consumers will buy and play their music, they will need more sophisticated ways to manage it at home that are both simple and intuitive to use.
The consumer rather likes the idea having all their music easily accessible and in one place.

The economics of Product Development

Manufacturers need to meet these new consumer requirements with home consumer electronics products which are based on computer technology, but are not simply dressed-up computers located in the living room.

Rather than develop their own new digital music platform, many manufacturers wish to enter this market with a turn-key solution that minimises capital investment and allows them to concentrate on their core CE manufacturing and marketing competencies.

The DigiFi™ platform from Digital Fidelity offers just that opportunity.

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