Digital Fidelity

Interfaces, Ripping & Encoding
CD Information, Upgrades & Synchronisation


Our chosen operating system is Windows XP embedded – it's robust, well supported, and allows for rapid development cycles

Server and Client Architecture

Each physical box, Server or Client, can control up to 8 independent stereo outputs. Allows for OEMs to design their own product range:

Single output server, 4-output client to add Multi-room capabilities to an existing box.

4 output server, single output client to add audiophile quality to an existing multi-room installation.

Service Based Architecture

Main audio Services:

  • Play back
  • Ripping
  • Encoding
  • Utility

Transactional database – MSDE, runtime version of MS SQL server. Robust and fast.

Remote Control Protocol – A means whereby User Interfaces can be developed divorced from the complexities of the workings of the DigiFi™.

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