Digital Fidelity

Flexibility of look and feel
Because the core programming layer allows easy skinning, only DigiFi™ enables the Licensee to maintain their own brand values within the interface. We believe that one size does not fit all.

Flexibility of Licence Structure
Each manufacturer has different aspirations - Digital Fidelity recognise this and offer a variety of commercial options.

Specialists in software
Digital Fidelity is a British software company that specialises in digital audio and is dedicated to closing the gap between enjoying pure music and finding the time to listen to it.

This also means that if you license DigiFi™ , you will not be competing with a similar hardware product - we just do software and leave manufacturing to those who are good at it.

Specialists in Audio
Although the technology we use could also handle photos,video and all manner of other content, we believe that not all consumers want a box that does everything.

We can also prove that digital audio from a server can sound every bit as detailed and compelling as it does from top grade audiophile separates.

Contact us now to hear how we have achieved this.

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