Digital Fidelity


With DigiFi™ you copy your CDs onto the Server and control them via a handheld remote control using the DigiFi™ interfaces.

The interfaces provide immediate access to your entire music library. You can play albums and tracks, repeat, shuffle, create playlists - and design the soundtrack to your life.

It’s not so much a Hi Fi in your hand, as your entire music collection. One in which the albums you bought twenty years ago are as accessible as the one you bought yesterday.

The DigiFi™ Interface
DigiFi™ is driven by our unique proprietary interfaces. Intelligent and intuitive, it allows you to play albums or tracks, create playlists, edit and delete, randomise, shuffle and queue.

CDs take minutes to rip. Automatic lookup of track details, using our locally stored TOC database, means that CDs are automatically indexed.

Format Independent
Files can be ripped uncompressed (WAV), as compressed (WMA or MP3), as well as other formats as they are developed and/or adopted. A variety of configurable bit rates are offered for compressed formats.

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