Digital Fidelity


A DigiFi™ enabled music server product can be controlled using a number of devices:

  • PDA using WiFi (or ultimately a bespoke dedicated WiFi remote)
  • Infra Red to the DigiFi™ unit viewed on a connected TV set
  • Mini VGA touch screen connected to the DigiFi™ unit
  • PC desktop application via LAN or WiFi
  • Crestron or similar control system using RS232 or I/P

  • Basic Interface Functionality

  • Select music by artist, album, genre last played, most played or alphabetically
  • Create and save playlists
  • Create random playlists across the complete collection
  • Create genres and assign albums to genres
  • Monitor ripping and encoding
  • Wireless IEE 802.11b network protocol to communicate between server and controller
  • Proprietary Software Interface
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