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Will the DigiFi™ work with my existing Hi Fi system?
Yes. DigiFi™ is designed to be added to an existing Hi Fi system as a primary source.

Can I use the DigiFi™ as a CD player?
Yes, you can, though you’ll most likely find you have little need to. Most users find that, once they have a DigiFi™ in the house, they don’t want to go back to searching for CDs.

Why is the DigiFi™ silent?
The server units that use DigiFi™ use components that eliminate the need for a fan. This removes sonic interference and ensures that the server is unobtrusive.

Why is the remote controller a Dell PDA?
Digital Fidelity is committed to best of breed solutions, wherever they come from. In developing the DigiFi™ product we have partnered with companies able to provide cutting-edge technological solutions. We have found the Dell to be the most stable, reliable and effective controller currently on the market. We also recommend the HP5550 and are constantly testing other PDAs as they become available and will post our test results on the Digital Fidelity website.

Can I use the PDA as a personal organiser?
Yes, though as the PDA is used as the key controller for your music collection, it is best not to use it for any other purpose.

What happens if I go out of range of my wireless network?
A dialogue box will tell you that you are out of range. When you come back into range, the software will automatically reconnect.

Will DigiFi™ work with a Crestron or AMX interface?
Yes, DigiFi™ operates seamlessly with Crestron and AMX with instant interface synchronisation

Can I use my TV as an Interface?
Yes, you can connect your DigiFi™ to any TV set that has S-VHS or composite video (standard AV) inputs

Can I download music from the net onto my DigiFi™?
Yes, as long as it is MP3, WMA or WAV. DigiFi™ also controls DRM.

Can I burn CDs from the DigiFi™?
Yes but Digital Fidelity asks that you recognise the copyright laws in your country.

Can I plug in my portable MP3 player?
Yes, DigiFi™ automatically makes a ‘ghost’ copy of each song in MP3 format (at 192k). When you dock your favourite MP3 player, the DigiFi™ senses what music is missing and copies it automatically to the player. DigiFi™ is happy to dock with PC or MAC formatted potable devices.

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