Digital Fidelity

Digital Fidelity Limited is a UK based software and IT manufacturing consultancy. Backed by substantial private investment, and in partnership with leading hardware and software providers, Digital Fidelity Limited’s mission is to provide ‘simple sophisticated solutions’ to the international audio-visual industry.

Digital Fidelity Limited are specialists in developing software and hardware solutions designed to take PC-based digital content solutions into the domestic environment.

We focus on two insights in the consumer electronics space.

There is a need for an intelligent, intuitive and interactive interface with which to play and manage otherwise inaccessible audio and visual data.

There is a clear need for a silent, powerful and ‘sexy’ hardware platform that will be ‘at home in the home’.

Digital Fidelity Limited is partnering with third parties in the consumer electronics sector to develop innovative products for the digital age, specifically in the following areas.

  • Hardware configuration and manufacture
  • Software design, development and deployment
  • WiFi connectivity and control
  • Digital download management and DRM

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